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Surviving the Consulting Life Series – Volume 2

Also read Surviving the Consulting Life Series – Volume 1 An integral part of being a consultant is having excellent interviewing skills, most of the times consultants depend on information provided by the client to come up with innovative solutions. Getting the right information from the client is an art; Consultants who are good at it always stand out in… Read more →

Surviving the Consulting Life Series – Volume 1

Consulting offers a rewarding yet challenging lifestyle, this article aimed at providing new and aspiring consultants with some useful tips to thrive in the highly competitive consulting environment Tip 1: Network – Many times during engagements you land up in a situation where you have to become an expert in a key business area of an engagement in a matter… Read more →

The Consulting Life

There are just as many myths about consulting as there are innumerous intriguing facts. One gets interesting view points when you talk to people connected to consulting in different ways: young aspirants, clients, consulting firms, seasoned consultants. This article attempts to look at consulting from eyes of various stakeholders and in the process understand this black hole a bit better.… Read more →